Het Borduurburo, founded by Martine van 't Hul, aims to build a bridge between high-end design and high-quality machine embroidery for fellow (fashion) designers, artists, etc., who wish to produce locally and on a small scale.

“Through my past achievements in (hand) embroidery (taught to me by my mother at a young age), as well as my extensive fashion background, I feel experienced and passionate in using my knowledge and know-how in Het Borduurburo,” Martine explains. “Having worked with (commercial) companies such as Ronald van der Kemp, Claudia Sträter, Turnover, Jottum, etc., I know how to (technically) translate a design into an embroidery.”

“I thrive on the collaboration with other designers; it’s an enrichment. Creating together is not only huge fun; it is truly inspirational, meeting on common ground, sharing respect and trust.
I always succeed in making a conversion from a design to a machine embroidery – with the added possibility of hand embroidery – in such a way that all parties are satisfied with the final result.
In the very near future Het Borduurburo also hopes to offer sequin machine embroidery, bringing even more value and distinction to its bespoke work. So far, no one in the Netherlands has done this mechanically.”

“A few years ago I travelled to southern Italy for work and I visited an embroidery factory there. I saw the most beautiful and intricate machine-made (sequin) embroideries. It was virtually impossible to detect it was mechanically made embroidery; it was that good, conveying a rich authentic appearance. The embroideries I saw were being made for big international fashion houses like Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Prada.”

“A seed was planted and slowly a new concept took shape in my head: I wanted to start a similar, small factory in the Netherlands. A place where ideas and expertise can be shared, but more importantly, a place where craftsmanship and artistry come together to produce high-quality, luxurious embroidery. Small scale and local, right here, in the Netherlands, for the first time. In 2016 ‘Het Borduurburo’ was brought to life. Although our focus lies on machine embroidery, we certainly welcome assignments for hand embroidery as well.”

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